Aquaglide Axis Rocker

Users love rocking back and forth on the seesaw-like Axis while trying to keep opponents off balance. The perfect piece for small groups of up to four users, the Axis is especially suitable for younger users thanks to a low-profile design and moderate water depth requirements. Includes an integrated boarding system.

Une balançoire pour l’eau. Peut contenir jusqu’à 4 utilisateurs. Convient pour piscine ou utilisation en bord de l’eau, idéalement adapté aux besoins des utilisateurs les plus jeunes. Marches d’embarquement et sièges en forme de selle.

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  • Item: 58-5215116
  • Capacity: 4 adults/4 children
  • Warranty: 3-year limited against any manufacturing defects.
  • Dimensions: 12’2” L (370 cm) x 7’9” W (235 cm) x 5’1” H (155 cm)
  • Min. Water Depth: 6′ (1,83 m)
  • Tubular – Welded structural tube construction with 3-layer seams.
  • Duratex – Commercial-grade material optimized for durability, weld strength and UV resistance.
  • Halkey-Roberts valves – With tamper-proof cap for quick, effective inflation/ deflation.
  • Minimum Required Total Anchor Weight –550 lb. (250 kg)


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