• RAVE Aqua Mat 15′ | 18′ | 20′

    The Aqua Mat includes a hand pump and is quick and easy to inflate, and folds up compact for easy portability and storage. The portable size even rolls up small enough to fit into a small storage space. With an Aqua Mat onboard, there’s no need to lug around those heavy foam mats on the boat anymore! We love the Aqua Mat and know you will too! The Aqua Mat Deluxe 20 and Aqua Mat Deluxe 15 can also be used as an attachment to most RAVE products making the Aqua Mat family extra versatile.

    Un tapis gonflable glissant pour des heures de plaisir sur l’eau!

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  • RAVE Carve Slalom Ski

    Designed for responsiveness and performance for beginner through advanced skiers, the Carve will deliver an effortless water ski set every time. Constructed of fiberglass with carbon fiber reinforcements, the Carve is very lightweight and flexible, yet strong, for superior control while carving up the waves.

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  • RAVE PCX High Impact SUPs

    The Impact PCX Features a commercial-grade SUP construction providing a nearly indestructible design to withstand heavy use . These boards are ideal for group settings where paddlers are frequently less conscientious about taking care of their boards. Now available in two designs: ImpactPCX and the Nomad.

    Comporte une construction SUP de qualité commerciale offrant une conception presque indestructible pour résister à une utilisation intensive. 

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  • RAVE Power Tower

    This one does it all: climb, jump & slide. You can also add a Power Launch or Climbing Wall for added fun! Watch the video below to see it in action.

    Celui-ci fait tout: Grimper, sauter et glisser. Du plaisir garantie! Visioner le vidéo si-dessous pour le voir en action.

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  • RAVE Prism Towable

    A Prism often has a triangular base, used for dispersing light into a spectrum! Quick, nimble and light performance "trick" tube that provides all day action! The Prism tube is easily towed by all types of watercraft, and features a rear boarding strap, low profile design for easy rider boarding and high maneuverability. This tube is ready for action with a Skim-fast™ bottom that responds quickly to wakes and waves, creating a dynamic and exciting ride!

    Ride as single or doubles. Le Prism est conçu pour la conduite de tube de style “trick”.

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  • RAVE Rhyme Adult Combo Skis

    The RAVE Sports Rhyme Combo Water Skis have a wider body shape designed for easier deep-water starts and effortless large curving turns. Extra surface area means less drag and more lift, which also helps bigger skiers get up on plane with less effort. Skiing with the RAVE Sports Rhymes is also easier on your boat, as their larger shape takes less horsepower to get skiers up on their skis. Perfect for beginner skiers, the Rhyme Combo Water Skis feature a slalom toe hold on one ski so skiers can get up on the water and drop a ski to slalom.

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  • RAVE Shoreline SUP


    The Shoreline Series is a great all-around family friendly paddleboard. This SUP is best for paddlers of all ranges from beginners to advanced. Available in four great colours.

    Une planche parfaite pour le plaisir en famille et amis au chalet!

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  • RAVE Shredder Junior Skis

    The wide shape of the Jr. Shredder Combo water skis allow for younger skiers to balance easier on the water. The pre-mounted slalom toe allows for a quick transition from beginner to intermediate.

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  • RAVE Steady Eddy Trainer Skis

    RAVE's Kid's Trainer Water Skis feature a wide design and stabilizer bar that make learning to ski easy and ensure control. Includes a unique, two handle system that allows for the skier to hold one handle while the instructor pulls from the boat end assuring safety and confidence in the new skier.

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