Aquaglide Ohana Lounge

The Ohana Lounge is an ideal waterfront social lounge for family-sized groups. This lounge features two comfy bench seats, a table with integrated cupholders, mesh-bottom cooler cutout, and a shaded canopy cover for maximum relaxation. The Ohana Lounge accommodates six users and can be used as a standalone feature or as part of any Aquaglide park layout.

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  • Product # 58-5221111
  • Dimensions: L 9.9′ x W 9.9′ x H 7.44′
  • Minimum water depth: 3.3ft
  • Capacity: 6 adults/6 children (1,200lbs)
  • Warranty: Limited 3-year Residential / 1-year light Commercial
  • Welded drop-stitch: 15cm welded drop-stitch construction with 3-layer seams.
  • Duratex Cx3: Premium commercial-grade material optimized for durability, weld strength and UV-resistance.
  • Halkey-Roberts valves
  • Min. Required Anchor Weight: 4,400 lbs (2,000kg)


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