Aquaglide Launch Bag

As one of our most popular accessories, the Launch Bag quickly becomes the life of any water party by using the forces of gravity and air pressure to hurl you up into the air and down for a splash-landing. The Launch Bag requires two people to use and must be connected to an Aquaglide inflatable base feature such as a trampoline, bouncer, or spire. Fully welded, reinforced Duratex™ construction with three-layer seams means this product is built to endure years of use. As we’ve heard it often described, the Launch Bag is the ideal waterpark accessory for “off the hook” fun with family and friends.

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  • Product # 58-5221125
  • Dimensions: L 12′ x W 5.4′ x H 3.3′
  • Capacity: 400lbs/2 people
  • Minimum water depth: 8ft
  • Warranty: Limited 3-year Residential / 1-year light Commercial


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