• ZUP Coast Board

    The Coast board rides and glide behind the boat with ease. Designed for slow speeds and safe rides, this board has all of the features new riders are looking for. Buoyant, bright, comfortable and safe; the Coast board is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the most timid first-timer.

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  • ZUP DO MORE™ 2.0 Advanced Board

    Take it up to the next level with the Do More 2.0. This Board takes everything you love about the You Got This 2.0 and supercharges it. Want to turn quicker, spin faster, and jump higher? This one is for you! Available in three different fun designs!

    Soyez ZUP! Avec cette planche Do More Advanced, conçu pour ceux qui sachent comment faire de la planche, et qui veulent essayer des tours sur l'eau.

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  • ZUP YOU GOT THIS 2.0 Board

    You Got This 2.0 offers riders of the largest variety the chance to lay, kneel, stand and so much more! Easy for the most amateur rider but still offering more experienced riders the ability to be challenged. Friendly and stable, the You Got This 2.0 is ZUP’s “User’s Choice!”. Now offered in three colours.

    La meilleure planche pour les débutants aux intermédiaires! Coucher, sur les genoux, ou debout! 

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  • ZUP YouGo Board

    The YouGo board gives riders the perfect platform for creativity, whether learning to wakesurf or ride 60' off the back of the boat. Stable and friendly but still flexible, so riders can pull 360's carve and cut to their hearts content!

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